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lets pretend that we are in love... so i can break up with you.

Kewl Mutha Fuckaz
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do you ever wonder exactly what people think about you? are you cool (or KEWL, in the words of webretards everywhere)? are you hot (make that HOTT)? or are you just a helpless ugly LOSER who will never amount to anything?

well, we're here to tell you! have the KEWLEST hipsters on the planet tell you how awesome you are or aren't! after all, we know how much the opinions of strangers over the internet are to you... HA.


Rewl Numba 1:Upon joining this community, you must make at least ONE post (stupid or not). We will NOT have dormant members in this community!!
Rewl Numba 2: You are not kewl unless we say you are.
Rewl Numba 3: We can make up rewlz as we go, so deal with it. I CAN assure you that none of them will fuck over the current members, just new ones.
Rewl Numba 4: You must be awesome, hott, kewl and easily brainwashed in order to be accepted by us.
Rewl Numba 5: If we say no, GET OUTTA HERE! (no commenting for you!)
Rewl Numba 6: If we say yes, you have power to judge others and have your head grow to 3x its normal size.

Your moderators are:
Love us, Worship us, Give birth to our children, and Make sex with us.

So come on kids! post your pic and stuff about you and let us decide your fate!

Never Fear!! If you do NOT meet the Kewl Mutha Fuckaz standards, you will be directly referred to the LJ Community notsokewl.

"every time that i look at myself
i can't believe how awesome i am."