(elderlynimrod) wrote in kewlmuthafuckaz,

i only want to be rated.
i don't want to be a member, because too many communities make me look like a computeretard.
so rate me fuggas.

if this is a picture type-deal, alas, i have none. but my icon is what i think i would look like if i was crappily-computerized. have a look-see.

if this is what-do-you-like type-deal then look
name: janet watson
age: 16
music: wednesday night heroes, anti heroes, riot 99, the excessives, the cleats, new town animals, le shok, the black halos, the blood brothers, the briefs, the queers, the vindictives, the red light sting etc etc etc

and, the fact that proves i am in fact cool: i can drive.

rate me.
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